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How To Plant Wildflower Seeds in Autumn

The My Square metre wildflower meadow

As autumn approaches, there’s an opportunity to sow wildflower seeds that will burst to life by spring, creating a haven for pollinators and enhancing your outdoor space. With the decline of wildflower meadows by nearly 97% between the 1930s and 1980s, it’s more important than ever to replant and cherish these vital habitats. 

Wildflowers not only boost the ecosystem by supporting bees and butterflies by providing plentiful food and habitat, but also tackle soil erosion, aid against flooding, and sequester carbon. As the popularity of wildflower gardens grows, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of autumn planting for your garden.

We suggest using a combination of the following My Square Metre seed mixes for the best results. You can enter our upcoming ‘Name our tractor’ competition on our Instagram for a chance to win a My Square Metre mini meadow set which contains all of these seeds, plus native bulbs to add even more biodiversity to your garden!

Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle wildflowers

These help to prepare the area for other wildflowers by suppressing the growth of grasses. Grass is good too but it can quickly take over a wildflower patch and edge out the wildflowers by competing for space and nutrients.

60:40 Wildflower and Grass Mix 

This carefully chosen blend of 25 native English wildflowers and grasses contains Cornflower, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Meadow Buttercup, and many more. This mix of annual and perennial wildflowers is ideal for boosting the biodiversity of your garden and attracts so many delightful bees and other helpful insects that your garden will be buzzing with life all summer. The wildflowers featured in this blend are all included in the My Square Metre wildflower meadow!

the My Square Metre wildflower meadow
The My Square Metre wildflower meadow this summer.

Long Season Meadow Mix

This mix is, as the name suggests, full of wildflowers that bloom all the way from May to October, giving you a fabulous floral display for months. It also helps provide extra food for bees during times of year when nectar is scarce. This blend features wildflowers such as Yarrow, Vipers Bugloss, Common Catsear, Field Scabious, Musk Mallow, Cowslip, Dark Mullein, and more.

The Advantages of Autumn Wildflower Sowing

Planning makes perfect – Autumn planting means preparing for a glorious bloom the next spring, showcasing the fruits of forward thinking.

Prime growing conditions – The additional moisture during fall is perfect for seed absorption, ensuring robust growth.

Nature’s own frosting – The winter frost will naturally break the dormancy of the seeds, enhancing germination speed come spring.

Safe from feathery foes – Fewer birds around during the migration season mean your seeds are safe from being pecked away.

Let nature do its job – Frequent rains in autumn reduce the need for manual watering.

Harnessing the Power of Wildflowers

Honey Bee on Common Knapweed

Our wildflower mix brims with a vibrant blend of annual and perennial plants, like the radiant cornflower, gentle meadow buttercup, and the delightful oxeye daisy. Watch this space for a detailed dive into our mixes and the unique benefits of each plant.

Limited Space? No Issues.

Gardens, window boxes, or pots – wildflowers can thrive anywhere. Plant them thinly, cover lightly with soil, and let them enjoy the sun. While spring and post-summer are popular planting times, autumn promises early, luscious blooms in spring. Plus, wildflowers flourish in low-nutrient soils, meaning you don’t have to rely solely on compost.

How To Help Your Wildflowers Flourish

Skip the Fertilisers: Wildflowers thrive best in ‘natural’ soil conditions. An over-fertile ground can lead to invasive grasses outgrowing them, so there’s no need to add compost or any fertiliser.

Blend with the Soil: Ensure optimal results by mixing seeds into the soil. Light raking or forking can aid this process. You can even use a roller to make sure they are fully worked into the soil. If you don’t have a roller, just walk over the area to get those seeds in full contact with the earth.

Hydration Matters: Even though they’re resilient, initial watering post-planting ensures they’re off to a good start if the weather has been dry.

Annual Maintenance: A yearly cut helps wildflowers flourish after they have bloomed. Once cut, leave the clippings for a week before removing them, ensuring the seeds have dispersed into the earth.

The beauty of wildflowers lies not just in their aesthetic appeal but also in their tenacity and resilience. By planting them this autumn, you’re not just setting the stage for a gorgeous spring display but also playing a part in restoring these wonders to our landscape. So, sow today and let nature showcase its magic come spring – don’t forget our Instagram giveaway!

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