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See your square metre’s exact location and track the exact amount of carbon being offset

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We protect the land for 30 years minimum and carefully monitor the soil quality, carbon levels and biodiversity

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Members area on our website showing your statistics and data as well as downloadable assets

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If you want to get involved, ask a questions, point something out or just fancy a chat, this form below is the best way for us to hear from you and come back with a genuine reply. Our team are often very busy, so please give as much detail as you can.

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    Use our carbon calculators to work out the carbon footprint of regular activities, like driving, grabbing a coffee, or even spending time on social media. Just input your monthly usage of the activities below and work out how much carbon is produced - then offset this with a one-time purchase or monthly subscription. And that’s it!

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    Use our contact form to get in touch and a member of our team will be able to help with your query. We can offer bespoke solutions and integrations for your business. We love to hear creative and new ideas on how we can help the environment by working together.

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    These businesses have started to lower their environmental impact with us - you can too, it's super easy! Start your wildflower-fuelled carbon-free journey today!

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